NX3 Nexus™ Third Generation Light-Cure Kit

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3 x 1.8 g Dual-Cure Syringe (1 x Clear, 1 x White, 1 x Yellow),

3 x 3 g Try-In Gel Syringe (1 x Clear, 1 x White, 1 x Yellow),

10 x 0.10 ml OptiBond Solo Plus Unidose Packets,

1 x 3 g Gel Etchant Syringe, 1 x 5 ml Bottle Silane Primer,

10 x Applicator Tips, 10 x Gel Etchant Syringe Tips

Dual-cure resin cement
Universally indicated for all indirect applications, NX3 is a permanent resin cement system with an innovative chemistry for unmatched aesthetics, adhesion and versatility. With a proprietary amine-free initiator system by Kerr and an optimised resin matrix, NX3 is truly colour stable. The automixing dual-cure cement can be used for all indirect applications. The lightcure variants with matching try-in gels are ideal for veneers and indications requiring unlimited work time. NX3 can be used with a total etch, selective etch or self-etch bonding system.

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