ZenFlex File .25/.04/25mm

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NiTi Rotary Shaping File Maximum Strength. Minimally Invasive.
With ZenFlex, you’ll have the cutting efficiency, along with the right balance of strength and flexibility you need to accommodate a wide range of curvatures in even the most complex canal anatomies. • High Cutting Efficiency — Designed with triangular cross section with proprietary heat treatment, ZenFlex exhibits high cutting efficiency. • Minimally Invasive — 1 mm flute diameter and a non-cutting tip help minimize transportation and preserve the tooth’s structural integrity. • Exceptional Strength — Resists cyclic fatigue better and with comparable torque strength relative to other leading files on the market, resulting in minimal breakage and deformation. • Excellent Flexibility — Excellent controlled memory and flexibility for up to 90º curves that accommodate even the most complex canal anatomies.