elements™ e-motion

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1 x Control unit​, 1 x Power supply​, 1x Power cable​,

1 x Foot control, 1 x INTRA LUX Motor KL 703 LED​,

1 x Motor cord​,1 x elements 8:1 handpiece,

1 x Instrument tray, base plate (pre-installed)

1x Attachment for instrument tray (handpiece holder)

1 x Offset screwdriver Torx T20

Endodontic motor with Adaptive Motion
The new KaVo Kerr elements e-motion provides efficiency and safety. The improved Adaptive Motion offers higher cutting efficiency and the new maximal torque limitation provides a better ability to resist breakage or deformation of the file.
KaVo Kerr elements e-motion was completely designed and manufactured in Germany and has a stainless steel handpiece powered by KaVo. It is intuitive to use, due to a user-friendly, coloured touchscreen and an interface that allows 5 fully customisable presets with up to 10 file options each.

  • The file system has more than 190 preset files
  • Ease of adding new files, customising names, sizes, rpm and torque
  • 4 mounting options for handpiece holder
  • System includes controller, motor and 8 : 1 handpiece. System speed 20–2.500 rpm and torque 0.1–6.0 Ncm
  • 12-month warranty

Streamlined workflow
The intuitive, full-color touch screen allows easy access to your preferred pre-sets. Customize your pre-set with 24 file systems in the database.

Better visibility and access
Smaller head for better visibility and easier posterior access.

Smart technology
Smart algorithm enables higher cutting efficiency, greater protection against breakage and deformation.

Ergonomic design
Whether you’re right-handed or left-handed, elements e-motion includes 4 handpiece mounting options to meet your needs.

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