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3400 WE

Tube of 40ml

Toothpaste with whitening effect

Cleanicdent™ is a gentle, effective stain removal toothpaste that uses Perlite, the same natural volcanic abrasive used by the market leading* professional prophylaxis paste Kerr Cleanic™. Thanks to Perlite, Cleanicdent helps to extend the benefits of a professional tooth cleaning - for a healthy, beautiful smile. While brushing your teeth, the pressure exerted on the toothbrush progressively reduces the Perlite particles size and smoothness, changing its behavior from an initial coarse cleaning power to a fine polishing action that gives a shine effect. This will help preserve both the enamel and dentine, inhibiting the development of dental plaque.

*Source: GfK DDM Jahresbericht 2017, Februar y 2018 – Pastes segment Key-Stone Fast Track Sell in data 2017