Blue Adapt™ Sectional Matrix Kit

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200 x assorted Blue Sectional Matrices (4 x 50),

200 x approximal shapers, 1 x application forceps,

5 x each Adapt Luciwedges (small, medium, large)

The perfect system for micro-restorations. The Hawe Adapt® Sectional Matrix System sets new standards for the treatment of unilateral composite fillings in posterior teeth.The sectionals are the heart of the system, carefully preshaped just like the original tooth. Uniquely thin matrices, available in blue and transparent plastic. The new and unique colour blue, as alternative to the transparent, was chosen to increase the contrast between the matrix and the tooth structure while having a negligible influence to the composite conversion rate. This is a big advantage for a better visual control of the composite application, filling procedures and handling. The longer lateral wings of the blue line help in the application and insertion in the proximal area. There is no discoloration of the dyed matrix when in contact with etching gels, bonds and primers. The blue line is a step forward in simplifying and accelerating the dentists’ everyday job. The transparent approximal shaper allows perfect adaptation and shaping of sectionals in interdental spaces. The combined effect of wedges and approximal shapers allow continuous adaptation of sectionals along the total approximo-cervical filling margin. The user-friendly application forceps is the ideal instrument for precise and simple location of the approximal shaper.

  • Suitable for small cavities and micro-restorations
  • Transparent or blue depending on personal preference
  • To be used in conjunction with Rings and forceps
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