Cleanic™ in Tube Mint without Fluoride

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Tube of 100 g

One-Step prophy paste with perlite

Cleanic™ is the proven One-Step prophy paste with integrated cleaning variability: during the initial seconds of use, the prophy paste exerts a high cleaning power that converts into a gentle polishing action as the Perlite particles fragment. This technology makes Cleanic™ a unique paste that combines high cleaning power, polishing of dental surfaces and gentleness on hard tissue. 

Integrated abrasion variability

The volcanic perlite (natural silica) particles adapt their abrasiveness throughout your procedure.

When Cleanic™ is first applied to the tooth surface, it behaves like a coarse paste. This is when Cleanic™’s cleaning ability is in full force.

Under load and within seconds, the abrasive particles are fractionated and their cutting edges become rounded and less blunt. At this point, the paste becomes effective for high-gloss polishing.