Build-It™ FR Core Material Kit

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1 x 25ml/48g Auto-mix Cartridge A2, 1 x Build-It FR 1:1 25ml Dispenser Gun
20 x Mixing Tips and 20 x Intra-oral Tips

Build-It™ FR Fiber Reinforced Core Material is the perfect material to use with FiberKleer™ 4x and FiberKor™ Fiber Posts. Formulated to flow and stack without slumping, the material’s unique viscosity enables the clinician to dispense the material and form the core build-up with ease. Specially treated glass fibers provide a minimum compressive strength of 300MPa for a strong and reliable foundation for your indirect restorations. Designed to offer optimal versatility and performance, Build-It™ FR Core Material self cures in minutes or light cures in seconds to a hard consistency. Choose from shades A2, A3, Opaceous White, Gold, and Blue in either 25ml auto-mix cartridges or 4ml Mini Mix™ syringes.

Features & Benefits
• Easy handling – flows and stacks where you want it without slumping
• Versatile – designed to offer optimal versatility and performance
• Proven performance – strong and reliable foundations are clinically tested
• Award-winning – efficient results have won numerous awards