Endo-Bite™ with Ring Assorted Kit

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2 x Endo-Bite Anterior, 2 x Endo-Bite Posterior

2 x Centring Devices

The X-Ray Film and Phosphor Plate Holders by Kerr provide exact positioning of the film or phosphor plate relative to the tooth–without bending or distorting. All Kerr film and phosphor plate holders are autoclavable at 134 °C for at least 3 minutes.

X-Ray holders for diagnostic X-Rays

The Endo-Bite™ is a special film and phosphor plate holder for diagnostic X-rays of root canal instruments during endodontic treatment, checks on root fillings, as well as inserted pins and screws, and for general use when the bite is blocked (e.g. rubber dam clamps). The system includes two types of holder – anterior (green) and posterior (red) – for use in all four quadrants.

The Endo-Bite™ is also suitable for indirect digital systems. It is compatible with all major brands of phosphor plate sensors.