OptiBond™ Universal Bottle Refill

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1 x 5ml Bottle

Single-component universal dental adhesive
OptiBond™ Universal is the one-bottle dental bonding agent that combines the reliability of patented OptiBond GPDM technology with the ease of use of a universal solution.
It offers reliable bond strength to all surfaces and substrates, in any etching technique. Efficacy and flexibility coming together at last.
• One bottle. One coat
• Proven strength
• Complete versatility
• Protection against post-operative sensitivity

Bond strength to enamel and dentine

OptiBond™ Universal yields effective bond strength on both dentine and enamel. It creates maximum flexibility by demonstrating great results under different etching techniques.

Bond strength to various dental substrates

The combination of OptiBond™ Universal and NX3 universal adhesive cement facilitates high levels of indirect bond strength to various dental substrates, without the need for a separate ceramic or metal primer.

Bond strength with cement

Using OptiBond™ Universal and NX3 cement together enhances bond compatibility and promotes high levels of indirect bond strength to dentine.